Train trip in America!

Of late, I’ve realized I’m going to be in the US for a short time so it makes sense to see more of this giant country before leaving it.

Before coming to the US, I read this blog post about someone traveling across the country by train and experiencing the true beauty of the land. I am a person who takes my recommendations serious, and stirred.

My college roommate, KM and I got onto our first US train that snaked up North alongside the Hudson. Like absolute noobs, we chose seats on the right hand side of the carriage while the pretty river and mountains ended up being on the left. The train was heading to Poughkeepsie, so I ended up doing this

Friends reference anyone?

We navigated through the pleasant town of Cold Spring to reach a really serene and mostly deserted part of the Hudson River.

Onward to the calorie burning hike that was on the agenda.

I realized I like hiking very recently when we I went on the arduous Angel’s Landing hike in Zion National Parks. I’m kicking myself for not hiking enough in India and I hope to see more nature when I go back.

We proudly fitted ourselves with makeshift walking sticks and eventually got to the top where the view was pretty inspiring.

Our success warranted some cave man inspired shenanigans by the ever sportive KM which honestly was the best part of the day.

Here is another picture of us trying to rock some shades at the highest point

Amidst life observations, the second leg of our hike led us deeper into the forest to a completely deserted babbling brook. It sounded amazing! We stopped to take in this tranquil setting and to recharge body and mind with a banana and a book apiece.

On the way back, we decided to help me check-off an item from my mini bucket list and hitchhiked with a stranger back to the town. Fortunately, or unfortunately it was pretty uneventful.

We ended this awesome fat burning day with a heavy meal from Saravana Bhavan thus providing balance to the world.