A Cautionary tale about the spread operator

I have been using the ES6 syntax for making copies of objects when React/Redux demanded we return a new copy every time we made a change to the state.

This syntax is

This works great because the spread operator creates a copy of all the keys in the original object. Except… Something that is easy to forget is that it is a shallow copy.

This means that if we have a nested object, the 1st level will be copied by value but every level that’s further nested will be copied by reference! Who would have thunk?

Take a look at this example

We would assume that we get a new object to play with as we deem fit. But if we change a value that’s 2 levels deep as above, we end up mutating the original object and React/Redux will not work as expected because they depend on brand new objects that they can compare with the old objects.

Instead we could do something like

Notice we are using the spread operator at every level of nesting.

In summary, remember that the spread operator gives you a shallow copy.
Also, keep your redux state as flat as possible so you don’t have to deal with such situations.
Happy coding!

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