NLP Basics at NYU Makerspace

I recently had the pleasure of giving an intro talk on Natural Language Processing at NYU! My basic concepts were a little rusty so I knew this would be a great way for me to get back into the NLP game.

All of the content for my workshop is on this PDF.

TL;DR – I introduce TextBlob, simple NLP tasks like Parts-of-Speech tagging, spell-correction, lemmatization, summarization and then create a simple chatbot to help you find a job(link to Github in the PDF).

The chatbot is a watered down version of the bot I made for my NLP course in college. Joby will help you find jobs using queries like “Show me jobs in San Francisco” or “I want healthcare jobs in New York”.

NYU Makerspace also featured me on their blog – so w00t!

The last time I taught a workshop in person was an Android App Dev workshop a few years back and enjoyed presenting as a way to consolidate whatever I knew about a topic.

I realized the value of consolidating what I know because revisiting concepts while consolidating everything into a presentation really made me feel like I know those topics well.

Also I definitely can do a better job at public speaking but this was good practice!

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