My favourite side-project

ShareQuick is a project that taught me everything about a product’s lifecycle and is something I hold close to my heart.

ShareQuick is a Chrome extension that comes with an Android app. It was born because my non tech-savvy sister pointed out that she’d like to share things she read on her desktop to her friends on WhatsApp. A friend and I quickly prototyped the initial version where we got a link sent from an extension to a basic Android app that automatically opened up WhatsApp’s share screen.

Once we got that initial rush of getting our app to work as we wanted, we powered on and did everything we could think of to make it a “finished product”.

I had the chance to design it from scratch, market it, and launch it. I made a complete marketing video, our own press-kit and made a landing page with an email marketing list.

I was super nervous but publicised it on Hacker News

and ended up on the top of the Show Category! What a feeling to have all our hard work validated!

Technically, I realised that so much went into a single product – Hosting, Domain names, Backend APIs that needed to be up all the time, managing User’s logins (We used Google sign-in), making sure their shared content was delivered quickly and reliably (We used Google Cloud Messaging to deliver Android notifications) and all the frontend.

But more than the technical challenges I faced, I loved that I had to give the entire product life by advocating it, getting feedback, and reaching out to influencers. I could do all of this becauseĀ I felt a strong sense of purpose and pride because it was my baby!

Weird as that sounds, a by-product of this project was me learning a very valuable lesson about ownership. I now try and own everything I do and achieve the same high I got with ShareQuick.