Why I’m Blogging

Alexa what’s the date today?

“Today is Sunday, September 24th”

I’ve been shunning writing because of the effort it takes to actually put my thoughts down on paper. It’s really slow compared to actually just thinking those thoughts or even talking to people about it. But I realized that most of the opinions or ideas in my head never graduate to “Level 2”. By this I mean, if I have an initial instinctive theory about something, I acknowledge that and am happy with my learning but I am not able to do anything useful with it or get deeper into that topic.

I am reminded about Dumbledore’s Pensieve. He had so many thoughts and memories in his head that at times he had to store it somewhere so he can examine it better. I’m hoping I can do the same with this blog.

I want to record my experiences so I can look back and remember them with more detail. I also want to record my outlook on life. I’m expecting most of my blog posts to be about experiences or opinions 🙂

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